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Custom Bugs and Quality Fly Fishing Experiences 


Fly Update:

As of 12/21/23 I have 4 triples available



Welcome to Synergy FlyFishing!

After falling in love with fly fishing here in Central Virginia, I decided to start this company as a way to spread my passion to others. Fly fishing, to me, is soul food, and some of natures best medicine.

- Owner, James Dooley, with a fat Virginia Musky
caught in the figure 8 kneeling from a kayak -

It's Musky Season!!! 

Challenge your skills as a fly angler and target Virginias Apex predator with me! After 5+ years targeting these fish solo from a kayak, I understand what it takes to get these elusive fish into the net. 


Contact me for more information! Feel free to text or call me

Eric Harvey with Virginia Trout Junkies
holding his first musky on the fly.

The Raft

All float trips will be run out of my new 3 man River Rat Pro Series Guide Raft.


Let's go get you a Musky!!! ​

Client and Friend Kevin Mcllravy with
a fish from Thanksgiving 2023 
“ There is something special that happens when you are on the river. There is a synergy at work, between angler, water, fish, and the earth; it is hard to describe, but pure bliss is a good start ” 

- James Dooley - 

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